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City Union Won 2014 National Advanced Logistics Enterprise For The First Time

Release date:2019-05-08

In April 2014, China Communications and Transportation Association (CCTA) started a nationwide selection for the annual award of Advanced Logistics Enterprise.

In accordance with the State Council and National Development and Reform Commission’s (NDRC) requirements, following a comprehensive evaluation of the logistics enterprises based on the network of the logistics business,the development and implementation of service quality system, the status of human resources, the development and application of the enterprise information system, the innovation capability of the enterprise, the development of the enterprise culture, the promotion of low carbon logistics,the investments in social welfare, the credit status,upon the evaluation methods of the Organizing Committee and the Expert Committee,and on the basis of a fair, open and transparent selection among all the participated enterprises which had met the requirements of nomination,11 logistics enterprises including central government owned enterprises were eventually selected and awarded , City Union was among them for the first time.