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Operating Procedures

(1)You need to apply 10 days of free detention to the carrier.
(2)Discounts can be applied for textile and electric appliances.
(3)The maximum payload for 40HQ containers is 26 tons, and for 20GP containers, 27 tons.  20GP containers are required to be shipped in couple, and the weight difference between them is no more than 4 tons.
(4)Liquid chemical goods are not acceptable, while solid chemical goods should be accepted with Identification of Non-Dangerous Goods. The cargo weight should be no more than 2 tons.


01Reliability: Fixed departure station, fixed transittime, fixed rail route, fixed price, fixed schedule.
02Lower cost: Road-rail multimodal solution can reduce the cost of pre-carriage for containers delivered to YangShan terminal.
03Guaranteed transit: With strong capability of resisting disturbance, the transit is scarcely influenced by weather, holidays and road situation.
04Policy support: We enjoy national supporting policies on sea-rail transport and get support from official departments such as CRCT and SIPG.

Station Info

All stations along the Shanghai-Nanjing Railway, such as Nanjing, Changzhou, Wuxi, Suzhou etc.


Sea-rail transportation is an integrated container transportation service that combines effectively sea freight with rail freight. It has some special advantages such as high transport capacity, low cost, high safety and low carbon.


City Union develops container sea-rail transportation business in Jiangsu. Goods are first transported from stations along Shanghai-Nanjing Railway to Shanghai Luchao Port railway station and then sent to Yangshan Port. At last, the goods would be shipped by sea.

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