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BP Steam Generator project

Release date:2019-05-08

Cargo info:

Steam generator and accessories, total volume: 1500M3;

Heaviest unit weight is 57 Tons; unit dimension: 14.48M*4.49M*4.97M;

Transit Solution:

Divided into 2 shipments, transported from Shanghai Port to Savannah Port (America) by sea;

After arriving at Savannah Port, arrange decked barge to receive cargo from the ship, then via inland river to BP appointed dock;

Arrange Modular Trailer to receive cargo and deliver to the project site.

Service Scope:

(1)Handling all the Port documents, vessel chartering, cargo receiving, loading and despatching.

(2)Received cargo at Savannah Port (America) and arranged inland river transport.

(3)Received cargo at the appointed dock and delivered to the project site.