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GE 9 Flights Air Charter For An Egyptian Power Plant

Release date:2019-05-08

Cargo Type:

4 sets of 220kv Oil-immersed power transformers and the parts.

Flight Quantity:

9 flights all together,including 4 AN124, 5 B747.

Service Scope:

Picked up cargo from Changzhou factory and sent them to Shanghai Pudong International Airport terminal and ground operations (including customs declaration,enter terminal, security check,building pallet and loading).

Cargo Info:

The biggest unit weights 110 tons, gross volume is about 2000 m3,gross weight is about 900 tons. The Gross weight of transformers is 100 tons,dimension is 6.85*2.79*3.35 m3. The cargo parts dealing with chemicals and dangerous things such as oil,gas,paint,so it has severe requirements for the impact force during the whole transport procedure.

Transit Solutions:

Apart from making sure of cargo safety in the process of transport and handling,we need to resolve the problems of dangerous and chemical cargo transport and magnetic test,especially some cargo dealing with commodities inspection, customs declaration and inspection. We communicated with related organizations and closely cooperated with inner departments to overcome all the obstacles,finally made all the thins that customs declaration,commodities inspection,security test go smoothly.