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City Union Successfully Organized First Lianyungang Port Eastbound Automobile Transit by Rail ,Reported by CCTV and Other Medias

Release date:2019-05-08

In November 2015, under support of China Railway Container Transport Company, Lianyungang Port Group cooperated with Interlink and City Union successfully developed the business of westbound export of South Korean auto parts which shipped from Lianyungang Uzbekistan railway station through the new Eurasian Continental Bridge . This March, under endeavor of the four parts, they developed a new business of Uzbekistan automobile vehicle eastbound transit routes which shipped from Lianyungang Port to South Korea Station. The opening of the eastbound transit not only filled the  history record blank of  Lianyungang's eastbound vehicle transit history, but also  achieved the two-way circular transport of South Korea - Lianyungang - Central Asia - Lianyungang - South Korea, which greatly reduced transit service cost and enhanced Lianyungang's Core Competence in interconnection under 'the Belt and Road Initiative'.