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China To Russia

FCL Operation Procedure

(1) No acceptance of hazardous and liquid goods. Total weight for goods and 40 feet container tare is no more than 30.48tons, for 20 feet, total weight is no more than 20tons.
(2) 20 feet containers must be shipped in couple, and the weight difference between them should be under 3 tons.
(3) DTHC will be collect from the consignee. Free demurrage period is 3 days.

LCL Operation Procedure

(1) Close time for cargos and documents is every Tuesday 11:00 am (all the customs data must be double checked and correct, any false claim and concealed declaration of forbidden goods are not allowed).
(2) Gate-in on Wednesday and then declare to customs.
(3) The gross weight, packages have to be consistent with the customs documents. All the data should be absolutely accurate.
(4) Once arrival, make sure to coordinate with our agency for customs clearance and pick-up the goods asap to avoid unnecessary fees.

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