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City Union Initiating Container Sea-railway Transit Service in Ningbo

Release date:2019-05-08

Supported by such government units as Ningbo Customs District, Ningbo Port Co., Ltd, and Ningbo Railway Administration, City Union Logistics succeeded in arranging a container shipment from Kaohsiung to Tashkent and made the first transit service at Ningbo Zhousan Port On 11st May,2016.

Cityunion shipped the container from Kaohsiung port to Ningbo by sea firstly .After the custom transit was done, the container was transported to Tashkent, Uzbekistan by railway via the Khorgos border.

Ningbo Port enjoys a great number of international shipping routes and sailings. Moreover, the port has good facilities to handle the Sea-Rail transit shipment. City Union’s success will attract more transit shipments from Taiwan and Southeast Asia to CIS area by using China port and rail service, which has a significant importance of promoting “the Belt and Road”.